Men’s Soul Retrieval

Men’s Soul Retrieval

June 23rd, 2020 ~ 12pm – 2pm MDT

We Men have sacrificed our comfort, our dignity, and our vulnerability to be able to carry the mantle of responsibility placed upon us by our culture and the demands of the dominant patriarchy. As a consequence, we have suffered, and continue to suffer, in numerous ways. Disconnected from the satisfying fulfillment of witnessing the value of our labor integrated into our communities, as a cobbler might look with pride at the many shoes that protect the feet of his neighbors, we see no direct importance of what we create and labor towards. We bear even further insults to our dignity simply to survive, provide, and find that something extra to lay upon the table of our families. Fear is our constant companion: fear of losing our job, fear of losing our families, fear of being judged a failure. Subject to an inundation of negative stereotypes of masculinity, from the doofus characterizations of popular TV, to the greedy, conniving, selfish successful businessmen and crooks of the movies, and then to sit by, futile, impotent, and ineffective in the face of our wives and children throwing shade upon us because they, too, have been fed the same diet of male mediocrity. Perhaps you are gay, and your father, your family, the general culture at large, refuses to acknowledge you as a Man.

We are scared. We live in fear. We are in pain. Guilt and shame are our daily diet. We believe ourselves to be failures because we have come to fulfill the negative images this society casts as being our nature. We have lost our Dream. And so we end up as the poster boys of toxic masculinity, pomposity upheld by fear and impotence, not of our sexuality, but of our Heart’s Desire. We end up spiritually castrated, no sense of what Sacred Masculinity feels like, looks like, expresses as. We are fucked.

If in reading this, the things I have mentioned throw you into a state of anxiety, if you glaze over and go numb, deflect what has been presented with pseudo-spiritual niceties, if these things trigger you, you are likely someone whose Soul has disconnected. Your Soul may have disengaged so that you could simply survive in the face of such irreconcilable negations of your Being.

Is there no way for us to reclaim our dignity, our honor, our righteousness when all we have learned substantiates the worst of what we might be? When psychiatric medications only numb you to the pain of your existence, psychotherapy serves only to polish the surface scratches etched into your body and mind, while the crevasses of your wounded Soul go untended, do you feel at a loss? When the Soul is, indeed, lost, where is the hope for sacred unification of your Soul’s beauty with life’s expression?

Ceremony is the intentful construction of a bridge that spans the barriers – that we ourselves have created – between our Soul and our Life as it is lived.

All authentic Shamanic ceremonials are the dramatic enactment of the Mythos inherent within cosmological phenomena. The structural supports of the bridge between Soul and Life are writ in the cosmos as the sacred dance of Earth, Moon, Sun, planets, seasons, and stars.

The ceremonial script portrayed in our skies this month (June 2020) is complex. The June Solstice occurs on June 20. The Sun is eclipsed by the Moon on the 21st (cue some Pink Floyd). The term ‘solstice’ signifies that the Sun stands still in its journey. That is, it stations at the Solstice position for three days, moving neither to the North nor South along the horizon, until June 23rd, when it can be seen visibly, day by day, to move along its southward drift once again. Those three days of the Sun’s standing still are powerful. They are the three days in which the Divine masculine, as expressed by our Sun, is at its most dynamic. It embodies the ultimate expression of the Sacred Masculine. Now understand… when the Sun is eclipsed, it is darkened by the placement of the Moon (the feminine Soul) between Earth (our Earthly life) and the Sun (our masculine presence). As the Sun is eclipsed with that three-day window of the standstill, it continues to resonate as if the Sun is eclipsed all three of those days. A solar eclipse is a direct-access portal into the Underworld Realm of the Soul. The nature of the Underworld Realm is that of Dream, it is where we storehouse our Power (life-force), which itself resonates with thoughts, feelings, experiences, i.e. long term memories. 

When our Underworld Soul has disengaged – due to the aforementioned trauma, dis-empowerment, and disavowal of our sacred masculine – and has become disanchored in the Underworld, we experience an inability to marshal our Power to create our Heart’s Desire, we lose touch with our Dreams, and our life is caught in the quicksand of old traumas, toxic behaviors and attitudes, and self-recrimination (or the projection of such upon those closest to us).

The retrieval of the Underworld Soul returns to us our beauty and empowerment as an integrative sacred union of Soul with Life.

There are two ways in which I am offering to support and assist you in your choice to become the expression of sacred wholeness.

  1. Through an online ceremony using Zoom. During this 2 hour session you, and the other Men participating, will be invited to journey with me into the Underworld as I set about retrieving the Souls of all participants. As the dynamics of the eclipse and the standstill write the theme, we will enact, in our Soul, the script presented by these cosmological factors.
  2. As not everyone will be able to be present online for this specific two-hour session, it will be recorded for review (of both the online participants and those who could not be there in presence). However, I will have already performed the Soul Retrieval on your behalf, remotely. Your review of the recording of the ceremony will provide you the intimate integration of your Soul Retrieval.


Retrieval of the Underworld Soul

I will, at your request, journey forth into the Underworld Realm, there to guide you in your quest to seek, find and retrieve your Underworld Soul.

  • Send your request: Registration Form. Please include your Place, Date and Time of Birth
  • Immediately upon submitting your registration, make a payment of $222: Pay with PayPal
  • You will receive from me an email acknowledging your request and payment.
  • An hour prior to the ceremony I will send you an email invitation to join in the ceremony via Zoom. Follow the instructions in that email to join the event.
  • During the appointed time we will engage the Ceremony of Soul Retrieval, or if you are unable to attend, I will do so remotely on your behalf during the ceremony.