Private Shamanic Healings


Private Shamanic Healings

Re-establishing Spiritual Balance lessens the gap between the individual’s current life movement and their Spirit’s Path.

It is in this gap that discord, disease and dysfunction resides. In this 1 1/2 hour session Jade Wah’oo will speak with the Spirits on the client’s behalf and, after a thorough assessment and understanding is achieved, the particular ceremony best suited to assist re-integration is worked on behalf of the client.

$333 per session.

Protocols regarding Shamanic Healing can be found here: Shamanic Healing Article



  • Spiritual Parasite Removal
    • Therapy can, at best, help a person cope with the ravages of abuse. Shamanism provides a means of removing the entities – Spiritual Parasites – that are transmitted from the perpetrator to the person being abused. The consequence of the presence of these Spiritual Parasites is a downward spiral of social and sexual withdrawal and isolation, depression, anxiety and panic attacks, addiction, health debilitations and suicidal thoughts. The removal of these entities frees the person of their suffering, enabling them the free expression of life once again.
    • Exorcism
        • When there is more than one Voice inside, when a person acts in manners that feel to not be their own, but someone elses, when a person is plagued with thoughts of self-injury or suicide – these are oft times indicators of an invasive entity having taken up residence within a person. Exorcism gently and compassionately removes the unwelcome spirit, releasing it to the ‘Other Side’, liberating both the entity and the person who had been afflicted.


  • Removal of Curses
    • A curse is the willful act of sending negative, harmful intention to another person. The unconscious act of muttering foulness about another, gossip and back-stabbing also have the same effect as an intentional curse. The consequence of either is akin to the injection of a spiritual toxin into the Soul of the targeted person. The dramatic affects are an obvious repetition of misfortune with no source of self-accountability discernible. Sometimes this will show as irritability, lethargy and failing health. The removal of the curse sets the individual back on firm ground so that their life can progress joyfully once again, free of negative encumbrances.
    • Sacred Dancers Transformation
        • The Soul is comprised of 22 Sacred Dancers, or archetypes in Western terminology. The depiction of these 22 aspects of the Soul are evidenced in the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot, the 22 letters of the Hebraic alphabet, the Mayan calendar’s 22 cycles (of 52 years each), and in our own DNA which has 23 pairs of chromosomes, one pair determining whether we are male or female, the other 22 pairs determining our characteristics. Each of the Sacred Dancers carries, implicit within it’s structure, a capacity of development and empowerment that is engendered by our emotive responses to life’s situations and experiences, our programmed conditionings, beliefs and feelings, and epiphanies or traumas. Dependent upon the quality of emotional response, whether life-positive or life-negative, the Sacred Dancer’s qualitative nature is created thereby. This journey of investigation and transformation enables the client to polarize the negatively endowed Adversary into a life-affirming Advocate. The result is a freeing up of one’s life force and vitality and a reestablishment of balance and harmony in the person’s life.


  • Seven Sacred Sisters
    • Seven herb-incenses are burned in consecutive order, each one evoking a cleansing and blessing of specific attributes of the person’ life, family, home, business and endeavors.
  • Introduction to One’s Spirit Guides
    • Each of us have, at minimum, two Spirit Guides. These assist a person by providing them insight and knowledge that is not otherwise readily available to the individual. In exchange, we provide the Spirit Guides the experiences of life by which means they can complete their Life’s mission, enabling them to move on to their next incarnation. It is most helpful to be directed in this exchange so that all spiritual contracts are established properly.
  • Drum Journey
    • Shamanic Drumming enables the individual to attain a deep place of Silence and an awakening into Awareness. Utilizing this state brought about by the drumming the individual is thereby freed of mental domination and can journey freely into the various realms of the Soul, there to seek healing, resolve and empowerment.
  • Toy-ahn-ah-me’
    • Knowing Spirit’s Desire is the intended goal of the Toy-ahn-ah-me’ Ceremony. When we know Spirit’s Desire in any given circumstance where  choice must be made, we no longer need to struggle with trying to figure out the best course of action based upon our emotionally charged memories, feelings and beliefs. When we can, with trust, discern the inherent desire of Spirit, we are assured of making the correct choices.
  • Communing with the Celestial Soul
    • The Celestial Soul sits in abiding presence awaiting a clear and unambiguous directive from us so that it may take action on our behalf. Without that directive the Celestial Soul can do nothing. Effective communication with the Soul is imperative. This ceremony, in the form of an active directed meditation, engages the Mind, Body, and Heart, aligning them with a singular Intention, providing the Soul what it requires to be able to action on our behalf. This brings about authentic and powerful manifestation of our Heart’s Desires.
  • Blessings and Empowerments
    • Not always does a person need ‘help’. Sometimes an individual is doing well and is feeling ready to take the next big leap along the path of their Spirit’s Calling. In this session the Spirits and forces of nature are called upon to ally with the client’s focused Intent and marshal the opportunities of creation in alignment with the person’s highest calling.
  • ReDreaming the World
    • “The people are born into the world and dream their dreams apart from the world. A Shaman is born of the Dream and Dreams the World into Being.” This world, life as we know it, is an emanation of the Dream. If a person’s worldly life is exhibiting turmoil or dysfunction, it is held that the person’s Dream is disrupted. In this ReDreaming the World the client will have their Dream rewoven into balance, harmony and wholeness, weaving into the Dream the threads of hope, fulfillment and their heart’s desire.