The intention of this Lodge is to provide an opportunity for our Spirit to come forth in free expression within a Sacred Space of clarity, support, sanctity and safety. The Bear Lodge allows one’s Spirit to find comfort and enjoyment in its movement into conscious embodied experience. The inherent Spiritual Forces and structure of the Lodge create a pathway that is clear and complete.

Four rounds comprise a full journey of the Bear Lodge. A round is defined as the time when 7 rocks are brought in, the door is closed, songs of prayer sung, water poured, and the door is lifted again.

The experience of the individual within the Lodge is supported by the various integrative factors of the Ceremony. The lava rocks are heated red hot, and carried in by the fire tender. Upon these rocks water is poured. Steam billows forth, dispersing the heat into the Lodge and driving out much of the cool air. We sit in close physical proximity to others, friends, family and strangers alike, within the dark, in a state of near-undress ( this is a modesty lodge, and co-ed, so we dress in ‘swim attire’ ). Once we have entered the Lodge, we remain inside for all four rounds. Exiting is counter-productive and limited to when a person must answer a call of nature, and only when the door is open between rounds.

These factors contribute to the experience of intensity within the Lodge. As the Power (Life-Force) builds, we absorb that Power into ourselves, enhancing whatever emotional state we carry in with us. Our happiness becomes ecstatic joy, sadness a deep and abiding sorrow, etc. As our Spirit is lifted forth in the buoyancy of our personal empowerment, those life-negative states which occlude and obstruct our Spirit’s free expression are pushed upward to conscious embodiment. This allows for a conscious relinquishment of these impediments to our spiritual progression. This is what we refer to as purification. To enable this process of purification we must engage our Will, requiring us to exercise self-discipline, thereby strengthening that quality of our character. It is by this development and use of our Will, self-discipline and purification that we bring about the transformation of life-negative states into life-positive virtues within the experience of the Purification Lodge. Where we have entered with Fear, Anxiety, Addiction or Denial, we exit the Lodge having transformed these into Courage, Anticipation, Will, and Acceptance. We go forth back into the World more enabled to give expression to our own Spirit’s purpose, being of greater value to our Families, and of greater capacity to be of Service to our Communities our Spirit in free expression in our lives!


I sincerely hope the sharing of this information serves to enhance your enthusiasm about participating in the Purification Lodge of the Great White Mother Bear. I encourage you to look forward to your choice to experience this Ceremony with Joy and Wonder!

Clearly, this is but a very brief overview, and not intended as a full explanation of the Lodge or its understandings. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly.