Retrieval of the Feminine Soul

Retrieval of the Feminine Soul

Venus and the Crescent Moon meet in Sacred Union

January 24, 2023

When Venus and the Crescent Moon meet in Sacred Union there arises the opportunity for direct access to one’s Feminine Soul – the Divine Inner Feminine. This is true for both men and women.

The Divine Inner Feminine is the sacred dance partner of our Consciousness. She embodies the qualities of rhythm, nurturance, intuition, fecund potential, and the sacred embrace. It is through the integrated expression of her presence that we are enabled the experience of being in tune with the rhythms of Nature, the cosmic dance of the planets and stars, the inner experience of the changing of the seasons, and the feelings of safety and innocence. When she is disconnected, and disavowed, we find our life to have become stagnant, stifled, resentful and bitter, unable to feel into the depths of our emotions, no longer thrust into ecstasy by music, poetry, or dance. Cowed and fearful, we avoid the risks of life that might burst us into expansive growth and exaltation.

Due to trauma, suppression, oppression, and as a tactic of survival, the Feminine Soul might be disengaged, hidden for safety, or locked away in fear.

Retrieval of the Feminine Soul is called for when we have had enough, when we can no longer abide being shut down, ignored, and feared. It is our natural response to our desire to step forth into Love.

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During a Shamanic Soul Retrieval, I will enter the domain of your Soul, there to find the Feminine Soul and to release it from the binds that hold it captive or confined.  Every disengaged Soul has assigned to it, by the individual’s greater Soul, a Guardian. As an emissary of your Consciousness, I will reassign the Guardian as a Chaperone, to walk with the Feminine Soul arm-in-arm back into the world of the sensate, emotional, feeling realm of the body, there to dwell in Sacred Union with one’s Consciousness, integrated, returned to wholeness, embraced in love and the encouragement of self-expression.

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To request the Feminine Soul Retrieval with Jade Grigori please:

A) Send me a  Registration containing the following information:

  • The current date
  • State that you are requesting the ‘Feminine Soul Retrieval
  • Your gender.
  • Your current age

B) Go to the Payments page, click on ‘General Payment – Buy now’

C) Submit a payment of $111 US. You may use a credit card.

D) I will email you back an acknowledgment of receipt of your request and payment once I have received both. These must be received prior to the announced night of the Soul Retrieval, so do not delay.

E) On the appointed night I will fulfill your request for the Feminine Soul Retrieval.

F) I will then email you, within a few days, a short description of what transpired and any pertinent details, such as the nature and visage of the Guardian, and the Chaperone it became, as well as what activity your Feminine Soul was engaged in, if it is perceivable, and any communications or comments necessary for the fulfillment of your retrieval, if any.

Thank you for entrusting me with your Soul. It is a responsibility that I hold with utmost sincerity and honor.

~Jade Grigori