Retrieval of the Underworld Soul: New Moon


Into the Underworld

As Jaguar/Black Panther into the Underworld Realm I go, slipping through the twilit land invisibly, silently, with stealth, following the silvery-blue thread of Soul along the pathway which it has traversed since its departure.

It is into this Underworld Realm that your Underworld Soul has become lost. While distracting yourself with playful fantasies and imaginings, you have drawn attention. One cannot disturb the field of fluid dream-stuff without it sending a ripple throughout the entire fabric of the Underworld. There are those denizens of the darkness that seek out Lost Souls, in order to capture them, imprison and torment them. The resultant emotional/mental turmoil that arises as a consequence of this disruption, in a person’s 3-D life, generates a massive amount of Life Force (ie, Soul Force). These Demons feed upon that Soul Force released by the individual tormented by their own fears, guilt and shame.

They sweep out of the shadows, black, sleek and swift, dispatching the Demons instantly. The Demons run, trying to flee. There is no escape. They are each disabled by these seeming angels of the Underworld, these Black Panthers.

Freedom has responded to your call this Night.

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Underworld Soul Retrieval


Retrieval of the Underworld Soul

At the time of this New Moon I will, at your request, journey forth as a Black Panther, going into the Underworld Realm, there to seek, find, and release your Underworld Soul.

  • Send your request: Registration Form. Please include your Place, Date, and Time of Birth
  • Payment of $77: Pay with PayPal
  • You will receive from me an email acknowledging your request and payment.

Over the course of three nights I will journey on your behalf. You will then receive from me an email with a description of what transpired as I performed your Underworld Soul Retrieval.