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Jade Wah’oo Grigori
Caretaker of ‘the Ways’ ~ An authentic Shamanic lineage

Jade-artJanuary 22 – 26, 2016

Aquarian Dreams

414 N. Miramar Ave, Indialantic, FL 32903

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Friday 1/22, 6 – 9 pm
Spirit Horse Ceremony
Shamanic Drumming Journey! By way of Drum we journey in Spirit through the realms of Soul. Seeking our Spirit’s true desire, into the Underworld we go to meet and transform the obstacles and impediments which prevent the free expression of our Spirit’s desire. Then into the Celestial realms we move by means of ecstatic Shamanic flying, there to re-create our lives in accordance with Spirit’s intent. This ceremony is highly experiential, an opportunity to fly as Shamans fly! Powerful, Beautiful and Life Changing.
Saturday 1/23, 6 – 9 pm
Tears of the Blue Corn Maidens
An ancient ceremony of the Pleiades, passed into my care by my Grampa Peña, brings forth the history and origin of the Anasazi people of the Southwest, and the gift of Blue Corn, both as a food and as a magical resource.
As the song of the 7 Sisters is sung, the stars of the Pleiades move across the sky, reorienting their position, bringing about a realignment of our Stars-Within (chakras) with the originating pattern of Creation.
If you are looking to experience the real magic of Shamanism, this is it!

Listen to the Story and Song of the Seven Sisters!

Sunday 1/24, 1 – 4 pm
Songs of the Soul
Songs that call the Spirits, songs that carry one into the Other Realms, songs that heal. These, and many more, will be sung and taught, their inner significance revealed in this joyous and profound afternoon of song-fest! Bring your rattles!
Monday 1/25, By Appointment: 10 am; 11 am; 1 pm; 2 pm; 3 pm; 4 pm
Shamanic Empowerment Activations
$156 per 45 minute session
Celestial Soul Activation: In order for effective healing, manifestation and empowerment to occur the Celestial Soul must first be activated by engaging the Celestial Soul, bringing it into conscious embodied experience.
Drumming Journey – Empowerment of Heart’s Desire: By means of the Shamanic Drum we journey into the  Dream Realm to encounter the obstacles or impediments we hold that have prevented us from manifesting our Heart’s Desire. Next we enter the Celestial Realm to harness the power of the potentiality of all possibilities to provide us with the Empowerments needed to bring it all home into worldly manifest expression.
Syzygy: These two Activations work synergistically to enable the Journeyer to experience life in an aligned manner greater than either ceremony done independently or in tandem is able to provide.
Go to the web page: Shamanic Empowerments
Tuesday 1/26, By Appointment: 10 am; 11:30 am; 2:30 pm; 4 pm
Private Shamanic Healing Sessions
$333 per 1.5 hour session
Re-establishing Spiritual Balance lessens the gap between the individual’s current life movement and their Spirit’s Path. It is in this gap that discord, disease and dysfunction resides. In this 1.5 hour session Jade Wah’oo will speak with the Spirits on the client’s behalf and, after a thorough assessment and understanding is achieved, the particular ceremony best suited to assist re-integration is worked on behalf of the client.

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414 N. Miramar Ave, Indialantic, FL 32903
Phone:  (321) 729-9495

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