Shamanic Drumming Ceremony – Zoom

Shamanic Drumming Ceremony

Healing the Soul of the World

July 19th ~ Sunday ~ 12 pm MDT

As Shamans, we are Technicians of the Sacred. With Knowledge and Power we apply the methods, tools, and Maps of Consciousness that enable us to enter, with precision and elegance, the realms of the Soul. Within these realms – that co-exist, interwoven with our own mundane world – we are able to observe and experience directly the Tapestry of Creation.

When one thinks of ‘Shaman’, invariably the image of a Drum comes to mind. The Shaman’s double-sided drum is the tool/vehicle par excellence for journeying. Knowledge of our bio-physical response to drumming, coupled with an intimate knowledge of the realms of the Soul – based upon an experiential history of traversing the portals between the mundane and mythic – enables the authentic Shaman to move freely between the realms of the World and the Soul.

As the Calling of the Shaman is to make accessible to the Peoples ‘the Ways’ of Shamanism, she/he may, through the opening of the portals between the realms, enable others, as participants, to also embark upon that journey. So it is, that this journey, by way of Drum, is being offered into the Soul of the World!

Every Shamanic journey has an Intention.

Healing the Soul of the World

The state of our own Soul determines the condition of the Soul of the World.

The state of the Soul of the World determines the condition of our own Soul.

When the state of our Soul is one of love and honoring, the condition of the Soul of the World is one of balance and harmony. When the Soul of the World is in natural rhythm, the condition of our Soul is one of joyousness.

If the state of our Soul is one of stress and disconnection, the condition of the Soul of the World is one of disruption and debilitation. When the Soul of the World is disturbed, our own Souls are in perpetual anxiety and disease.

If we seek to heal ourselves, we must heal the Earth.
If we seek to heal the Earth, we must heal ourselves.

By way of Drum, into the depths of our Soul, we will go. We will touch the Earth in the most honoring of ways, embracing the love and suffering that we ourselves have wrought within the vastness of her Soul. Utilizing the specific methods known in these Shamanic Ways, we will embrace her/our Soul in compassionate release, transmutation, and healing.

The Ceremony

  1. Teachings on the Shamanic Drum
  2. Teachings on the relationship of our Soul to the Soul of the World
  3. An extended Shamanic Drumming Journey


Sliding Scale: $22 – $104

Contributions for your participation are on a sliding scale. Be honest and fair in the assessment of your capacity to contribute. Thank you!

To Participate:

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  4. At the stated time, click the Zoom access link and you will be online in the event.
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  6. After the event, I will email you the link to download the video of our ceremony. You will have 24 hours to download the ceremony video. Please do not procrastinate!