Shamanic Empowerment Ceremony


One-on-One personal video-chat ceremonial session

I am a Shaman of the 21st Century, a Technician of the Sacred. The ceremonials and knowledge of ‘the Ways’ that I carry are ancient in source and wisdom. A responsibility of myself as Shaman is to make the songs, teachings and ceremonials accessible to the People (that is you!). The tribal society of today is found around the campfire of the internet. And so I have come to your campfire! This ceremony is, therefore, being offered as an online one-on-one engagement.

In this 45 – 60 minute private session you will be guided by Jade Wah’oo into the deep realms of the Soul. There you will experience two powerful sessions of healing and empowerment.

The Song of Pachamama and Pachatata: A Return to Innocence and Trust
  • This song, given directly to Jade Wah’oo by the Spirit of Machu Picchu, releases us from our guilt and fear, rebooting us into our original state of Innocence and Trust.
Celestial Soul Activation
  • In order for effective healing, manifestation and empowerment to occur the Celestial Soul must first be activated. The second movement of the Shamanic Empowerment Ceremony is to engage the Celestial Soul, bringing it into conscious embodied experience, rather than having it remain an ephemeral ‘angelic’ presence.

These two ceremonials, worked together, provide the foundation for heart-centered engagement of our authentic Spirit’s Path and then moves us forward along that Path!

What is Offered:
  • Contact ME to arrange a time for our session.
  • Send the payment of $222 via PAYPAL immediately upon scheduling our appointment.
  • Moments prior to our appointment you will receive an invitation from Zoom (the video chat service I use). Click and you are in.
  • Within the 45-60 minutes of this online video-chat session we will discuss the relevance of these two ceremonies to your intention, addressing and adjusting what emerges accordingly.
  • The first ceremony is me singing the Pachamama/Pachatata song, with a few words of orientation before and after.
  • The second ceremony is in a meditation format. I will be directing you in the experience of connection with and activation of your own Celestial Soul, along with instruction on how you can repeat this as needed.
  • I will record the session, and send you a link so you can download the video file to watch/listen to later.



45 – 60 minutes

Online via video-chat. Your computer must have audio/video capabilities activated. Please insure this is functioning before our session. Please do not ask me how to do that. I am not a computer geek! Ask your 15 year old niece/grandchild how to set it up 🙂