Shamanic Teachings and Practices

Shamanic Teachings and Practices

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9 am – 5 pm both days



The intent of a Training is to provide the necessary and relevant knowledge, experience and personal oversight so that the participant receives what is needed for them to be able to utilize them on their own behalf or as an integral part of their own healing practice.

What you can expect to receive:

  • Personalized attention to your own process – acknowledgment, feedback, insight, assistance.
  • The sharing by Jade Wah’oo of the foundational knowledge and skill sets needed to perform the method offered.
  • An open and encouraging learning environment, emphasizing positive movement and realistic evaluations.
  • You will be afforded the fullest measure of knowledge and training necessary for you to be able to continue doing the method on your own behalf. It will, of course, be up to you to put into earnest practice what you learn in this intensive in order to be capable and qualified to practice.



Shamanism in the 21st Century

  • Shamanism is humanity’s oldest and most enduring spiritual practice. From the very origins of the human race there is evidence of our relationship with the Divine expressed through ceremony as a means of maintaining harmonious union with Creation.

  • Inherent within the Shamanic perspective is the understanding that each person has their own unique and autonomous path of reunification with Creator. Shamanism provides a compendium of ceremonies, dances, songs, approaches to Spirit, meditations and understandings of the underlying principles of reality and human nature based upon generations-upon-generations of experiential interaction with Creator through the Creation of which we are a part. Being free of dogma and doctrine, Shamanism enables each individual in their personal quest of each their own Spirit’s path, purpose and truth.

The Acquisition of Power: Its Application and Ethics in Shamanic Healing

  • Power is Life-Force in its highly charged state. We are Beings of Power, for we are alive. The expansion of our capability to hold a much vaster charge of Power enables us a greater sensitivity and effectiveness in all our spiritual work, healing practices and personal health.

The Nature of the Soul

An experiential investigation into the Soul. Topics to be covered:

  • The three Souls recognized by Shamans

  • Spirit and Soul~ their difference

  • Journeys into the realms of the Soul

  • The Soul after Death



Communing with the Celestial Soul

  • The Celestial Soul sits in abiding presence awaiting a clear and unambiguous directive from us so that it may take action on our behalf. Without that directive the Celestial Soul can do nothing. Effective communication with the Soul is imperative. This ceremony, in the form of an active directed meditation, engages the Mind, Body, and Heart, aligning them with a singular Intention, providing the Soul what it requires to be able to action on our behalf. This brings about authentic and powerful manifestation of our Heart’s Desires.

Introduction to Spirit Guides

  • Each of us have, at minimum, two Spirit Guides. These assist a person by providing them insight and knowledge that is not otherwise readily available to the individual. In exchange, we provide the Spirit Guides the experiences of life by which means they can complete their Life’s mission, enabling them to move on to their next incarnation. It is most helpful to be directed in this exchange so that all spiritual contracts are established properly. You will be guided in a safe and proven manner, through a Shamanic Drumming Ceremony, to establish a relationship with your two personal Guides.





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This weekend of Shamanic Training is highly experiential. Questions are welcomed.

No previous knowledge or experience is required.

Attendance of both days is required!

Light lunch/snack will be provided. Restaurants and lodging nearby.