Shamanic Training: Soul Retrieval in Costa Rica

Shamanic Training

Soul Retrieval

Reclaiming Your Power and Presence


February 20 – 24, 2020

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Myth is the reality of the Soul, just as history is the reality of the day-to-day world. The Mythos is the topography – the terrain – of the Soul. It is within this vast inner landscape of the Mythos that the disengaged Soul retreats when it has been traumatized. To perform an authentic Soul Retrieval requires an intimate familiarity with the ways and nature of the realm of the Soul. As a Curator of the Sacred, Jade Grigori dwells within the Mythos, and is eminently capable of guiding the sincere journeyer through the complexities of that inner landscape.

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Included in this training will be direct instruction by Jade Grigori:

  • Meditations for self-clearing and protection

  • Familiarization with the dynamics of Power

  • Identifying at what ages/times in your life that your Soul disengaged

  • Retrieval of the Soul and reintegration of the qualities of character your Soul had originally sought to protect by disengaging.

  • Please read my article on Earth Soul Retrieval. Everything described in this article you will be trained in, so that you may continue this work on your own behalf.

What you can expect to receive from this Training:

  • Personalized attention to your own process – acknowledgment, feedback, insight, assistance.

  • The sharing by Jade of the foundational knowledge and skill sets needed to perform Soul Retrievals.

  • An open and encouraging learning environment, emphasizing positive movement and realistic evaluations.

  • You will be afforded the fullest measure of knowledge and training necessary for you to be able to continue doing further Soul Retrievals on your own behalf. It will, of course, be up to you to put into earnest practice what you learn in this intensive in order to be capable and qualified to practice Soul Retrieval.


  • While this intensive course is designed to provide you what you will need to be able to do further Soul Retrievals on your own behalf, this program is not designed to enable you to perform Soul Retrievals on other people! Should you so desire to incorporate Earth Soul Retrievals into your healing practice, this course would be the prerequisite to that next step. Only those who have completed this first course, and can show successful application of the methods and practices, will be considered for the next step of the advanced training.

Natural Wonders of Costa Rica:

Other worlds around us David Knight

Photo: ‘Other Worlds Around Us’ by David Knight

  • We will be availing ourselves of the beauty and fun of the Caribbean coastal jungle of Costa Rica.
  • Warm weather, swimming in the ocean, walks in the jungle, an abundance of wildlife all around us.

  • Spectacular sunsets and the local town vibrant with Caribé culture.

  • Caribbean cuisine, including vegetarian restaurants, some of the best coffee to be had and…chocolate!



  • Excursion Day: February 22nd

    • As a group we will go off on an excursion – We will start with a visit to the local Farmer’s market, where we can purchase a variety of locally sourced, organic fruits, veggies and cheeses…and chocolate! Visiting the Jaguar Rescue Center and a local cacao (chocolate) farm where we will experience the making of chocolate from start to finish. Lunch at a local restaurant serving typical Costa Rica Caribbean food is included. We may also fit in some beach time.


  • All double occupancy lodging (arrive February 19th – Depart February 25th) is covered. If you wish to have a room all to your self, an extra fee of $40 per night will be incurred. If you intend on arriving earlier, or staying on extra days at our hotel, your lodging will be at your expense… however, let me arrange it for you so as to get the best price possible!

  • All teachings and trainings are included in your fee.

  • The activities and lunch of the Excursion Day are included in your fee.

  • Your fee does not include meals, your air fare, nor transport to and from the airport and the hotel. Suggestions for those arrangements are given once a person has registered for this Training.

  • Your fee does not include meals (except lunch on the Excursion Day).

  • You must read and agree to the Terms of Service Agreement.


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