Sirius Empowerment

Sirius Empowerment

New Year’s Eve through January 6

On New Year’s Eve the star Sirius is directly overhead at midnight. This is the reason for the calendar starting the new year at this time. Still existent in our cultural acknowledgment of Sirius being the high point is the star on top of the Xmas tree, the glittering ball dropped at midnight in Times Square, and celebratory noises and fireworks at midnight of New Year’s Eve.


Sirius Empowerment

A flame burns brightly before me. Upon the fire are placed three pinches of incense. With each pinch I call out “Oh! My Ancestors!” Three times does the supplication ring out. Wafts of sweet-smelling smoke carry my request of attention to the Ancestors. In front of me sits a birch burl carved into a bowl. I pour a potent alcohol into the bowl, blessing it in the incense, then, bringing the bowl to my lips, I sip a small amount of the distilled, pure alcohol. From between my lips, I spray the alcohol into the fire before me. A gush of blue flame bursts forth, an offering to the Ancestors. Next, I take a sip and drink it down, to feed the Sacred Blue Fire of Life within me. Three times in succession I make these offerings to the Ancestors and the Blue Fire of Life. Any remaining alcohol left in the bowl is quaffed. I sit, breathing deeply and forcefully so as to metabolize the alcohol before it has the chance to affect me. By rapidly burning the alcohol within me I am further feeding the Sacred Blue Fire of Life.

Now filled with Power (life-force) my Spirit has sufficient charge to journey forth to the Keeper of the Starry Patterns, the star Sirius. I lift my staff in hand and begin to sing:

Tee-ah-tsah-nay, Tee-ah-tsah-nay

Wee-ah-tsah-nah, Wee-ah-tsah-nah

Bai Ulgan nuis-nah-hah-h-h-h!

Sacred Staff, Sacred Staff,

I’m climbing you, I’m climbing you, 

Children of the Starry One!

As I sing, my Spirit lifts from my body. When my body falls to the ground my Spirit soars up the staff and into the presence of the Keeper of the Starry Patterns/Bai Ulgan/Sirius. Having already made the offerings of the Blue Fire to Bai Ulgan, the Starry One’s Power is over-charged and must be released to maintain balance in Creation. I present to the Starry One the name and essence of each who has asked of me to hold them in my heart upon this journey to Sirius. As the Power is discharged from Bai Ulgan it fills each person’s essence with the Blue Fire, and with it, a boon, a gift, a revelation of what the coming year holds as an Empowerment for each individual. Upon completion of this interchange between Shaman and the Starry One, the return down the path of the staff occurs. Each person is gifted a symbol that contains the Blue Fire of the Starry One/Sirius and within that symbol access to their gift for the coming year.

I draw out the symbol of each person, along with few words about its nature, and gift. Not too much, as it is in the self-revelation that the Empowerment becomes manifest. This is sent to each person via email, along with any words of counsel or instructions that comes with the ceremony.

The Offering

  • Once you have registered and sent your sliding scale offering (see below) I will email you a link to my web page that contains an audio-video file that, when engaged, will align you with the star Sirius.
  • You may register anytime between now and the evening of January 6th, as I will continue this ceremony for all the nights of New year’s Eve through January 6.
  • I will email you a symbol given by Sirius/Bai Ulgan (Keeper of the Starry Ones) as an Empowerment activated within you by your meditation upon the symbol.



Sliding Scale: $52 – $365

Yep… the offering is between a dollar a week to a dollar a day for the year! Offerings are made, in ceremony, according to how far one stretches in order to make oneself available.

Your offering is transformed, via this ceremony, into the offering of Power to Bai Ulgan.

To Participate:

  1.  Register Here  
  2. Immediately make your contribution: