Solar Eclipse Camp

Solar Eclipse Camp

Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, USA

October 12 – 15, 2023

Mid-morning of October 14th a Solar Eclipse will be transiting overhead in TorC (Truth or Consequences), NM. This Solar Eclipse Camp will be held on-site at the Hot Springs Glamp Camp in TorC.


  • Arrive October 12th, after 3 pm, to set up your campsite or stay in one of the fabulously remodeled vintage RVs, or the newly built Yurt or Dome. See below for reserving your accommodations.
  • October 13th – Socializing, hot spring soaks, and teachings regarding the Solar Eclipse.
  • October 13th, evening – Storytelling: The Sedna Epic. The Tale of Sedna can only be done at the time of an Eclipse. This experience is highly revealing, prophetic, and life-changing. The Story does the healing!
  • October 14th – Drumming Ceremony led by Jade Grigori to activate the powerful Solar Eclipse within the Soul of each participant.
  • October 14th, evening – Campfire Tales: Shamanic Storytelling, Teaching, Drumming, and Healing. Sitting together around a campfire, engage in the dynamics of Storytelling in its powerfully authentic transformative healing.
  • October 15th – Departure by 11 am
  • Hot Springs are available for use 24 hours a day during the time of the Camp.
  • A Food Tent will be on-site in which to place your pot-luck dishes of dietary diversity. Meals are otherwise available at local restaurants.
  • Storytelling and Ceremonials are participatory and require the fullest attention and engagement. These are not entertainment events, they are purposeful sacred events.



This is to cover Jade Grigori’s expenses. At any time during the Solar Eclipse Camp, you are encouraged to make a cash contribution to Jade in appreciation of his services, in accordance with the value you have received from your participation in this event.

Offerings of tobacco, crystals, etc are considered as honorary gifts and are not in lieu of an appreciation contribution.

Solar Eclipse Camp Registration

The $52 payment must be made at the time of the registration and may be made using

PayPal or Venmo

Reservations for the limited available lodging spaces are handled separately between you and the hosts at Hot Springs Glamp Camp, in TorC, NM. Please go to their website to make your reservations:

Hot Springs Glamp Camp

If all available spaces are booked out at the Glamp Camp, you may wish to seek a room from the many available options in Truth or Consequences, NM. I suggest using (no affiliation, just a suggestion).

If you are staying off-site, a suggested donation of $25 to Hot Springs Glamp Camp for the utilization of their facilities is recommended.