Soul Retrieval for Dogs

Soul Retrieval for Dogs

Full Moon – June 14th

With Drum in hand, a steady tapping creates resonant tones that open a portal into the Underworld, the Dream Realm of the Soul. My Spirit slips betwixt and between the irrhythmically slamming rocks that are the Gates of the Underworld. It is in this deep, twilit land that the Soul of Dog dwells while its emerging consciousness is growing during its association with its Human in the Realm of Consciousness called Life on Earth. My quest for the Lost Soul of Dog begins here, in these lands of Shade and Myth.

The Ancestor of Dog made a compact with the Ancestor of Humanity to engage in a mutual relationship of trust, love, and mutual protection. Through this relationship, the Dog Soul weaves itself into Human Consciousness, and so begins its spiritual journey into full autonomous Consciousness. Through this relationship, Dog takes upon itself the protection of its Person. All that Dog experiences it comes to perceive as happening to or for its Person, as the Soul of Dog is now a part of the Consciousness of its Person.

When a dog is traumatized (abused, neglected, injured, attacked by another dog, etc) it feels that the trauma has happened to its Person. As, to the dog, this means that it has failed in its purpose of protecting the Person, the Soul of the Dog slips into guilt and shame at its failure. The consequences of this in the dog’s life are abreactive behaviors, such as sulking, inappropriate peeing, aggressiveness, refusal to eat, being cowed and overly submissive, obsessive self-gnawing/licking, running away, or a host of other trauma-related behaviors.

When a dog experiences unresolved trauma and acts out with negative behaviors, these are indicators of the need for a Soul Retrieval of the Dog.

To read the full article regarding the loss of Soul for a Dog, please go here: Dog Soul Retrieval


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  4. The abreactive behaviors that seemed to arise following the trauma (up to three behaviors).
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