Soul Sintering

Soul Sintering

When the normalization of society’s disengagement of conscience causes one’s Soul to splinter from the One Soul of the Ancestral Continuum, a Soul Retrieval is not sufficient to bring about reintegration… Read the full article Ancestral Continuum – Soul Sintering

Should you choose assistance in the reintegration of your Soul Shard with your One Soul, you will find that once again you are of the Continuum. You will find you are of something much greater than ‘me’. You will know the care, and love, of others as being a comforting embrace. You will embrace others in care and love. You will come to know… You are not alone.


To Request a Soul Sintering:

Contact Jade Grigori

  1. Your name (first and last)
  2. Your gender
  3. Date/Time/Place of Birth (best you can do)
  4. A statement of your request (ie, “I am requesting a Soul Sintering”)
  5. A simple statement of your condition (ie, “I feel alone, out of touch with life and always in anxiety.”
  6. Your heart’s desire (ie, “I choose well being and feeling that I belong.”)
  7. Read and abide by the Terms of Service.
  8.  Include a payment of $333 via PayPal.


  1. I will respond with an acknowledgement and receipt of both your request and payment as soon as I open your email.
  2. Fulfilling your request takes up to three nights. I typically begin the same night as I receive your request.
  3. Upon completion I will email you a report of the work done on your behalf, as well as any suggested follow through practices on your part.
  4. I am always available via email to answer any questions relevant to the work done to better help you understand what has transpired.

A word about ceremonials done long-distance…