Spiritual Parasite Extraction

Spiritual Parasite Extraction

The removal of Spiritual Parasites requires in-person treatment.

I am currently receiving clients into my home for in-person treatment if the person is fully vaxxed or has antibodies from having previously had COVID. No exceptions!

What to expect from your visit

This, as all Shamanic Treatments, is held as Ceremony. We will be sitting at my altar where the ceremonial items and implements are laid out. Following an invocation of my Helper Spirits, a thorough explanation and participatory diagnosis will proceed. This will enable us to determine how many sites/organs/areas of life, are infested with the Spiritual Parasites. That knowledge will provide you with the insight and information to make an informed choice as to how many Removals you choose to have me perform.

The removal of the Spiritual Parasites is done through an ancient method called ‘Extraction’.  I will paint, with a red clay and holy water mix, the affected areas that you are choosing treatment of. Placing tobacco, sage, cedar, and asphaltum in my mouth, I will use a hollow copper tube to suction upon the painted areas to remove the Spiritual Parasites, catching them in the wad in my mouth. which is then expelled into a glass of water, allowing the client to observe the entities held in the asphaltum. A song is then sung to return these entities to Grandfather Fire, where they are purified never to cause harm or damage to us ever again. The mass contained in the glass of water is then ceremoniously released, like unto compost, to the Earth Mother.

The effects of this treatment are immediate and permanent. For some, the results are subtle and sublime, whereas for others the experience is potent and powerful. Everyone is different.

One treatment consists of the removal of one cluster/colony of Spiritual Parasites associated with an organ or area (indicated by the painting upon the skin) of the person’s body and experience. A person may choose to have more than one treatment in a sitting. To facilitate your determining how many treatments you are asking for, I offer a free phone consult prior to your scheduling a visit.

To read the full article on Spiritual Parasites, please go HERE.

Treatment Options

  1.  One to three treatments. Time: approximately two hours for the first, and  45 minutes for each additional treatment. Fee: $333 for the first treatment, $222 for each additional treatment on the same/next day.
  2. Four treatments. Time allotted: One full day. Fee: $888
  3. Two or three full days of Spiritual Parasite Extractions + other supportive healings (ie, Soul Retrieval, Soul Cleansing, etc). Time: Approximately 6 hours per day. Fee: Two days – $1,665. Three days – $2,333.

This selection of options will provide you with the time to go as deeply and thoroughly as you are desirous. I do not provide lodging at my home. There are numerous hotels and AirBnBs to be found online. We may be going out to restaurants for meals or sharing an occasional meal from my kitchen.

Registration and Scheduling

EMAIL ME to enquire for the best time to have a free phone consult so we can determine the best dates for your visit, and how many/what types of treatments you are wanting.

REGISTER and submit the registration form to me.

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