Summer/Fall Ceremonial Offerings

Summer/Fall Ceremonial Offerings

Have Drum ~ Will Travel

When the Call of the Community reaches out, the Shaman responds.

This Summer and Fall I have dedicated myself to responding by traveling to those communities where a host sponsors my presence to bring these ceremonials to the People.

Following are the offerings from which you can choose to host on behalf of your Community. Please review them. This selection is offered with the foresight that a sponsor will choose from amongst them to create a full weekend or even two weekends and the days between to select a full palette of offerings for their Community. Please feel free to contact me and ask any questions you may have regarding these offerings.

Regarding fees:  After a conversation with the host to assess the expenses involved, each offering (except Drum Making) will have a fee, per person, in an approximation of my cost of living and travel expenses to come to your community. This fee only covers my expenses and is not a charge for the ceremony. I am fine with the host adding on for their own compensation, as well as any facility-use costs, as long as those fees are presented separately and transparently!

Each participant will then, after having experienced the ceremony, make a cash contribution to support my life and livelihood, commensurate with the value received. This is not a ‘tip’. Rather it is a way for the participants to step up and be proactive in supporting their Elders and Ceremonial leaders. Ceremony is not a commodity!

Earth Renewal Ceremony

A full day’s event of dancing, drumming, and singing. Upon the completion of the Dance and Song, there will be a Give-Away. Each participant brings something of significance and value to be given to the Earth Mother in recognition that anything we own is but a loan from the Earth. A woman is Spirit-chosen to embody the Earth Mother, who receives the gifts on Her behalf. Once everyone has offered their Give-Away gift the Earth-Mother-Designate gifts each participant with a gift from what She has received, usually a gift other than the one the participant gave away. Following the ceremony is a potluck feast of plenty!

9 am – 6 pm

Campfire Tales: Storytelling, Teachings, Drumming, and Healing

An evening gathered around the Campfire with members of your family, friends, spiritual circle, and Community. Mythic stories are told, their significance and teachings revealed, and a drumming journey is offered so that all present might experience the value of the story and teachings, and so come into their own healing.

6 pm – 9 pm

Drum Making 

Drum Making is a Sacred Act.

A weekend of each participant constructing their own double-sided Shamanic Journeying Drum, its consecration, and teachings on the utilization of the Drum for journeying and personal healing. This event is very hands-on. All tools, materials, and instructions are provided.

Friday 4 pm – 10 pm, Saturday 10 am – 6 pm, Sunday 10 am – 6 pm $444

Purification Lodge of the Great White Mother Bear

With its origins in the Paleolithic, this purification lodge entails a Shamanic Journey of release, empowerment, and rebirth. This is NOT a Native American sweat lodge, though there are similarities (water poured upon heated rocks, songs for each round, etc) however unlike a NA sweat lodge, where one goes to pray, in the Bear Lodge we go upon a Shamanic Journey of transformation, integration, and appreciation.

5 pm – 9 pm, or other times by arrangement

Spiritual Parasite Extraction Ceremony

Spiritual Parasites are transferred during the commission of abuse (sexual, physical, verbal, mental, or emotional). The person abused will then suffer from the presence of these Spiritual Parasites, causing a person so affected to either become a perpetrator of abuse themselves or to become self-destructive (depression, social/sexual withdrawal, anxiety/panic attacks, cascading health issues, suicidal behaviors, etc.) This treatment removes the Spiritual Parasites, bringing them into physical form so that their spirits can be released back to Grandfather Fire for purification. This is all done in a group context, though each participant receives a one-on-one treatment.

1 pm – 6 pm

Transformation of the Shadow Adversary into a Sacred Dancer

Sacred Dancers are the archetypal forces of individuation existent within our Souls. When a Sacred Dancer rises upon the Wheel of Identity to express through the Window of Identity (that which says “I am…”) that Sacred Dancer – we have 22 of them – is the personality we exhibit at that moment. When a Sacred Dancer has become the embodiment of our stress, fear, or corruption, that is, a Dark Force, we call it a Shadow Adversary. When the Shadow Adversary comes into expression, it causes us to exhibit life-negative traits, such as addiction, arrogance, insecurity, anxiety, etc.

The journey of transformation brings the Adversary to heel, where we embrace it in love and forgiveness so that it is transformed into a Sacred Dancer. When this is integrated into our Consciousness it empowers us with the blessings of its new expression, such as Protection, Insight, Clarity, Creativity, Health, etc.

1 pm – 6 pm