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New_Moon_CrescentIn this section I am offering Teachings, free of charge, on a monthly basis. On or about the New Moon of each month you can check back here for newly added Teachings.

Each will explore a topic of relevance from a Shamanic perspective. I hope you find value and assistance from these offerings. Please do send me feedback.

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Teachings #1 – Shamanic Drumming October 20, 2009

An article describing the physiological effects of Shamanic Drumming, and a downloadable mp3 file or listen online, of the 5-sided Drum journey, replete with extensive drumming.

Teachings #2 – Communing with the Celestial Soul November 16, 2009

Effective commune with the high self enables the manifestation of our heart’s desire. Includes an article and a 10 minute downloadable mp3 file, or you may listen to it online.

Teachings #3 – Winter Solstice Tree December 16, 2009

An article revealing the sacred geometry/mathmatics of the ceremonial tree as a map of consciousness and a calendar charting th cycles of time.

Teachings #4 – Life’s Lessons January 15, 2010

An article exploring the fundamental differenece betweent he meataphysical perception of life as a place of lessons with the Shamanic paradigm’s view of Life as Experience, and the freedom that comes about thereby.

Teachings #5 – The 52 Day Journey to Clarity February 14, 2010

By following this procedure you will, over the course of 52 days, have brought yourself into a state of clarity and loving embrace of Self. Enjoy!

Teachings #6 – Opening Prayer March 16, 2010

A 10 minute instruction in establishing an effective structure for your prayers. Listen online or download the mp3 audio file.

Teachings #7 – In the Land of Wipuk September 11, 2010

The myths and creation stories represent, in dramatic form, the dynamic interplay of the sacred dance between the planets, stars, Sun and Moon and Earth. Tihis photo of the Crescent Moon, Venus and Mars, over Cathedral Rock in Sedona, portrays a story of unique significance.

Teachings #8 – Earth-Bound Spirits November 2, 2010

Greeting the Ancestors with a warm welcome. Releasing Earth-Bound Spirits with a Protection Symbol.