Terms Of Service Agreement

A request of services from Jade Grigori is conditional:

  1. Your request for services or participation in events requires a formal request by email and/or submission of an application form. The sending of the request by these methods is to be considered a signed agreement between yourself and Jade Grigori, conditional upon the issuance by Jade Grigori of an acknowledgement, by email, of agreement to render said services.
  2. Jade Grigori will make every reasonable effort to fulfill your request in a timely fashion, generally within a week of the announced date of the service or event.
  3. The content of all written/audio/visual materials remains the property of Jade Grigori. Such content may not be shared nor distributed except by written permission of Jade Grigori.
  4. Privacy is a matter of honor. Your private information shared with Jade Grigori will be utilized solely for the intended purpose of responding to your request for services or participation in events. Your private information will not be sold or shared.
  5. All deposits for services and events are non-refundable by default. Pleas of compassion will be taken into consideration for request of refunds, but not guaranteed.
  6. Refunds of all fees and deposits will be made in full should the service or event be cancelled by Jade Grigori. Refund of fees or deposits will be issued within 30 days of cancellation of event or service by Jade Grigori.
  7. All questions or communications regarding the fulfillment or requirements of the service requested are to be directed to Jade Grigori:
  • By email –  Contact
  • By telephone, 213-435-7771 | between the hours of 10:00 am and 4:00 pm, Mountain Time