The Anesthetized Soul: Registration

Retrieval of the Anesthetized Soul

The Anesthetized Soul loses itself in the Nothingness. There is no reference of being in the Nothingness, for there is no Space/Time from which to orient.

In order to enter into the Nothingness, one must become Nothing. The created universe is made of the stuff of Consciousness. Consciousness is incapable of permeating the Nothingness. Only Awareness can be present in the Is-ness of the Nothingness. Awareness is approached from within the Silence. When Consciousness is silent, Awareness arises from – and is – the Nothingness.

Intent directs Awareness. Intent wells forth, not from the Mind, but from one’s Essence/Heart/Spirit.


To request a Retrieval of the Anesthetized Soul from Jade Grigori please:

A) Fill out the Registration Form and include:

  • Name
  • Your gender.
  • Birth date, time, place
  • Your condition or situation in just a few words (no long stories or explanations, please!)
    • Example: Fogginess of mind, overwhelming fear and guilt, bad memory
  • Your heart’s desire, in a few words.
    • Example: Joy, peace of mind, clarity of purpose in life

B) Go to the Payments page, click on ‘General Payment – Buy now’

C) Submit a payment of $111. You may use a credit card.

D) I will email you back an acknowledgment of receipt of your request and payment once I have received both.

E) On the appointed night I will fulfill your request for a Retrieval of the Anesthetized Soul .

F) I will then email you, within a few days, a short description of what transpired.

Thank you for entrusting me with your Soul. It is a responsibility that I hold with utmost sincerity and honor.

~Jade Grigori