The Known, Unknown, and Unknowable: Soul Integration

The Known, Unknown, and Unknowable:

The Integration of Soul

March 1-2-3, 2022 ~ New Moon

+ This Soul Retrieval will be done remotely +

The Known arena of awareness is that which is knowable, comprehensible, and deducible. It is the realm of the Conscious Mind.

The Underworld Realm is the Dream Realm, and so all of its constructs are highly symbolic in nature. Everything encountered therein has a Mythic reference. Just as history is the reality of the 3D world, so is Myth the reality of the Soul, so by Mythic I mean that the elements and experiences of one’s Underworld Soul are representational of the truth of the Soul. Therefore, anything encountered in the Underworld Realm is to be regarded as bespeaking a deeper truth of one’s Inner Realms.

The Underworld Realm is what is also referred to as the Unknown, as it is not able to be apprehended by the Conscious Mind. The Unknown is the realm of dreams. Because the Unknown is not able to be deciphered by the Mind, it remains a mystery. Therefore, the Underworld’s nature is that of the Unknown Mystery. When our experiences within the Unknown are brought into the Light of Consciousness, the content is transferred into the realm of the Known. We are then able to comprehend the Mystery through symbols, syzygies, and signs.

Foundational to the Known and the Unknown, is the Unknowable, or the Celestial Realm. Everything which ‘Is’ emanates from the Unknowable. Its nature is not amenable to comprehension, not through symbols, analysis, or interpretation. It is the churning cauldron that both creates and disintegrates, all at the same time. Immersion of one’s Self into the Unknowable is the ultimate act of surrender.

From the moment of the Underworld Soul’s disengagement from the Earth Soul  – the Known, or Consciousness –  a bluish thread emanates, connecting the Underworld Soul with the body. It is this thread that I use to track your whereabouts in the Underworld Realm. I set forth as Eagle into the Underworld domain, following the thread of your Soul to where it has been residing.

When the Soul departs there are elements of it that remain attached to the Known: the configurations, memories, traumas, and processes of the Conscious Mind. These attachments are most often emotionally laden feelings and memories. There may also be the rationalizations and metaphysical ‘reasons’ for the disruption one is experiencing. During the course of a Soul Retrieval, all these elements are rounded up and fit back into the Whole, like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle

Continuing to follow the blue thread of the Soul’s passage, entrance is made into the Unknown – that is, the Dream, or Underworld, Realm. The aspects of the Soul that reside in the Underworld tend to be invested with life-force that is resonant with pain, suffering, anxiety, etc. As these exist in the field of one’s dreams, they take on form and presence as characters and situations that are highly symbolic and representational of their infused turmoils. Fears may appear as monsters, guilt and shame show up as demons, disconnection from the safety and security of one’s family may be perceived as being lost in a dense and strange forest.

Retrieving these lost fragments of Soul requires of the Shaman-Who-Retrieves that they embrace the Lost Soul in the field of compassionate forgiveness and release. This disengages the Soul from its fearful demons and entrapping circumstances (ie, addiction, repetitive traumas, fear, and restrictions). These aspects of the Soul – transmuted in the embrace of compassionate forgiveness that the Shaman is holding – are simultaneously transferred back into the Known, the Conscious Mind, of the person on whose behalf the Soul Retrieval is being done.

From the Unknown, the journey brings us into the Unknowable/Celestial Realm. It is here that – just as a butterfly larvae dissolves into a primal goo, and then reforms as a beautiful butterfly – the Soul is dissolved of all parts back into its primordial essence and then restructured by the Celestial Soul through the inculcation of the Original Template of Creation.

The Soul, reconfigured, healed, integrated, is the expression of Wholeness in alignment with the originating pattern of Creation!



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