The Plant Sisters: Communion – Zoom

The Plant Sisters: Communion

Sunday, May 2nd, 12 pm, MDT ~ Zoom

“Grandson, I am going to show you how to speak with the spirits of the plants so that you do not even need to drink a tea for healing, just ask the plant spirits to heal you.” ~ my Grampa Peña to me, 1975

By analyzing the individual chemical components of various herbs modern science has been able to determine that… yada, yada, yada. Reductionist science has no cognizance of the living, aware, spirit presence of the Earth and all her living children.

That is not what we will be engaging in this training. What we will be doing is entering into direct commune with the spirits of our plant sisters. We will be asking them how we can best be of service to them, and how they might be of healing value to us. Based in a relationship of mutual respect and service, the whole realm of spiritual healing with plants becomes available to us.


Contributions for your participation are on a sliding scale. Be honest and fair in the assessment of your capacity to contribute. Thank you!

Sliding Scale: $22 – $104

To Participate:

  1.  Register Here
  2. Immediately make your contribution:
  3. I will send you an email with your Zoom access code for this event, about an hour before its start time.
  4. At the stated time, click the Zoom access link and you will be online in the event.
  5. Please make sure your device (a computer is best) is set up for video and audio.
  6. After the event, I will email you the link to download the video of our ceremony. You will have 24 hours to download the ceremony video. Please do not procrastinate!