The Realm of Purdah

Xibalba6The Realm of Purdah

Unseen. Unheard. Unforgiven. Isolation. These, the conditions of Purdah, the Realm of the Lost. When a person has been silenced, sentenced to shame for having borne witness to truth, these are the entrance gates to Purdah. Once a Soul has been committed to Purdah there is no escape. There can be rescue, but all attempts to escape on one’s own will lead to failure, such is the nature of Purdah. In order to be rescued, once must be heard, and those who dwell in Purdah are the Unheard.

Domed and slick are the sides and roof of Purdah. There is nothing upon which to climb, upon which one may find a purchase. From the hole in the roof, the entryway into Purdah, a passerby might peer into the Realm of the Lost and witness those who dwell therein. Care must be taken lest the Wandering Soul who has had a glimpse into Purdah be compelled to satisfy curiosity as to who it is that resides in such a place.  For once entrance into Purdah has been made, escape is undone, unless that Wandering Soul is a Traveler, one who is knowledgeable and skilled in the traversal of the multitudinous realms of the Soul. Even this one, a Traveler, gains the right of exit by first having, themselves, been entrapped in Purdah, and having a Spirit Rope of rescue dropped to them, that the rope might be grasped, as it is hauled upwards, to effect escape. Such are the ways of the Traveler.

Into Purdah I will go, a Traveler am I.

Slipping in upon my well-anchored Spirit Rope, into the entrance at the top of the dome of Purdah I go. Once inside the Realm of Purdah, one with the senses to hear hears the silent screams. Anguished are the cries of the denizens of Purdah. “Help me!” they cry out. “He-e-e-e-l-p me-e-e-e!” Fingers claw upon the leg as I am lowered into the midst of those who are condemned to waste away in the obliteration that is Purdah. Dropping in further still, the hands of the Lost drag my Soul’s body down, as they seek to climb out of Purdah by any means possible. Grabbing, clawing, climbing, they go nowhere, as their efforts only draw me down.

Now that I am inside the Dome of Purdah, amongst the Souls of the Lost, my quest begins: I am here to find your Lost Soul, the Soul of your Dreams. As I move about I am inundated with the lost dreams of the multitude that have come to be banished into Purdah; dreams of lust and dreams of truths unspoken. Dreams of shame and dreams of love lost hold these Souls in the grip of isolation. With clarity’s purpose I search for the dreams that can only emanate from you. You have shared your dreams with me; it is these dreams of both horror and hope that guide me to your location.

Enslaved and subservient, abused and neglected, demeaned and diminished, silenced and ignored: these the condemnations that have committed your Soul to Purdah.

You choose singing, and having the song of your Soul enjoyed… and heard.  You desire health and well-being, flowing naturally from the spring of your life, tears of joy watering the flowers of your desire. A return to you of that which is rightfully, and naturally, yours: Dignity, resources, empowerment and happiness. Love: universal, personal, passionate and sexual.

The Traveler finds you, huddled and cowering, fearful and alone unto yourself. Clinging to the gossamer veil of your essence are ghouls and ghosts. Ghouls feed off your life force, replacing it with fear, a fear that generates even more life force thrown off in terror, upon which the ghouls then feed in an unrelenting cycle of torment and gluttony. Ghosts, the withering exudations of palpable Soul-force left behind from the guilts and shames of consciences left unheeded. All of this gloms onto you, for without a live Soul upon which to feed, these ghouls and ghosts become non-existent, and while they have no autonomous existence of their own, as long as they are attached to a source of living life force, they live. And as long as they are attached to you, they are able to experience life, or its simulacrum.

Carrying your Desire like a sword, the Traveler is able to pry the ghosts and ghouls from you. Immediately they seek to reattach. As the Sword of your Desire has separated them from you, and is held in presence, the ghosts and ghouls are unable to re-affix themselves to you, so they throw themselves upon the next closest life form: The Traveler. It is what is intended. Climbing the Spirit Rope up out of the Dome of Purdah, the Traveler carries the ghouls and ghosts into the light of Grandfather Fire, the cosmic light of creation. The ghouls melt and dissolve in the brilliance, they being nothing more than thought/emotional forms that have no substance on their own. Into the grand cosmic pool they return. The ghosts, however, are themselves the Souls of those who have died and become lost. The Spirit of each of these ghosts waits, upon the brink of the Other Side, unable to proceed along its journey of spiritual transmigration until its Soul is embraced and integrated. To each Spirit its Soul the Traveler returns, and each Spirit turns, as it is crossing over to the Other Side, and whispers: “Thank you!”

Re-entering Purdah, the Traveler seeks out the demons that torment your Soul. Demons are the entities that draw into themselves all the guilts and shames of a person, then embodies as those torments, presenting themselves to the tormented Soul as physical embodiments. These demons will hunt the Lost Soul in Purdah, striking sheer terror into the dreams of the person so afflicted. The individual will feel that they are unsafe, that they are being chased, endlessly chased. Should they be caught, their capture will, they fear, end in torture and enslavement. And this is precisely what occurs. The demons make this fear manifest. In a person’s life this may show itself as a continual experience of being hounded and persecuted by others. In extreme cases (when the Lost Soul has been imprisoned) the person will slip into feelings of being trapped, ultimately going into addiction.

The demons that harass your Soul carry the sum accumulation of every shame brought upon you, of ever shame you were made to feel of yourself. Every guilty feeling at personal pleasure and value-of-self are sucked up by the demons, and fed back to you in their unholy appearance. The Traveler searches out the demons who have a hold on your Soul. Confronted with a demand of your release, as expected, they refuse with a snide contempt. It is then that the true identity of the Traveler is revealed to the demons. The Light of the Spirit of the Traveler beams forth with a brilliance unseen in the darkness of this twilit realm of Purdah. The demons begin to retreat, the Light being painful to them. The Traveler pursues them as they flee to their own particular domain within Purdah. Unceasingly advancing upon the demons, the intensity of Light the Traveler beams forth dissolves the illusory visage of each demon. When the dissimulation has been eliminated the Soul Essence of each demon is revealed, and each is a Spirit of a person who had, in their lifetime, been so abusive, violent or committed actions that were so reprehensible as to be horrifically shameful to the person that they refused to make their way to the Light and had, instead, sunk into Purdah, there to feed upon and play out the perverse psychosis of their own Soul.

Now that the hideous shell of obfuscation has been stripped away in the presence of the Traveler’s Light, the Traveler embraces the once-demon, along with its own Soul Essence. From out of Purdah, by means of the Spirit Rope, the Traveler carries the Souls and Spirits of the once-demons back to their place of origin: The glorious Fields of Light that are the Other Side.

The Traveler rejoins your Soul in the Lost Realm. No longer being drained by the vampiric entities of Purdah, your Soul is already beginning to brighten and lighten, even to glow with a subtle blue light.  The Traveler binds the Rope of Spirit about you and climbs up and out of Purdah. The return to the Earthly domain is sudden and final. You are Home.

The Traveler sits with your Soul and has a heart-to-heart talk. Here is the follow through regarding your Soul’s release from Purdah: Now that you have been liberated, now that you have had someone throw a rope down to you, you are enabled of the capacity to also throw a Spirit Rope into the Dome of Purdah to effect the release of Souls who are confined, by their own deed or the condemnation of others, to the despair of Purdah. It is not to say that you must… only that you are capable. You will recognize when that time arises when you are able to hear the voices of the Unheard, to see the Unseen, and then to forgive the Unforgiven. It is the moment when compassion guides your deeds and choices.

All… Demons, Ghouls, Ghosts and assorted entities… are entreated of with compassion. Normally, in religious based exorcisms, these entities are treated as evil beings, and are to be banished or destroyed. In typical therapy and metaphysical healing work, these entities are seen as a person’s personal blockages, emotional obstructions, patterned behaviors; the practitioner will seek to overcome them, get rid of them, and vanquish them. In the Shamanic form of Compassionate Healing there is the recognition of, first, that these are actual entities or life forms, not merely emotional blockages. Secondly, a compassionate approach seeks to bring about the liberation of all beings. All means: All. When we are able to acknowledge that even the most disruptive entities are themselves caught in the pit of their own suffering, we, as compassionate practitioners, have the opportunity of assisting not just the person who has called upon us for help, but also the very entities who are causing the debilitation.

Should there be further ghosts, ghouls or demons that come to your attention, all you really need do at this point is to call upon the Traveler – the one who is now awoken within you – to intercede on your behalf.

Please let me know should you have any questions on this journey by the Traveler into your personal Purdah. I am a Traveler. I am here, willing to journey into Purdah on your behalf, to throw a rope to your Soul, to bring you back Home. All you need do is ask.

Request the Traveler to go into Purdah on your behalf