The Shaman of Light Dreams the World

 The Shaman of Light

Dreams the World

Full Moon, March 6, 2023

~ Healing through Mythic Storytelling ~


  Powerful. Poetic. Purposeful.

The Old Shaman knelt next to his fire, packing a colorfully woven bag with icons, figurines, talismans, bits of feather, stone, and bone. Each item bore significance, each carrying a prayerful intent of the People who stood or sat, laughing and talking respectfully, gathered outside his lodge. As he carefully acknowledged each item, greeting it as one would a person met upon the trail to the spring, with happiness at the meeting, he placed the ceremonial piece inside the bag where it would best find comfort and a sense of place.

The People accompany him to the Great Tree that stands in the center of the village. It is tall, seeming to reach into the deepening dusk of the sky itself, its roots, gnarly and reaching, thrusting deep into the dark ground beneath.  The Old Shaman places a felted wool pad upon the ground as a seat, something to add a bit of comfort for his old bones during the long night ahead of him. Shifting the colorful bag to his side, its strap looped around his neck, he sets his drum leaning against the trunk of the tree. He glances up to see the seven ribbons tied about the tree’s massive trunk. Seven colors, one for each bridge of the rainbow, extend one above the other, each separated by the height of a woman, as if they were seven Grandmothers’ headbands above him. He feels a deep ease, knowing that the Grandmothers are watching over him.

The Shaman of Light moves towards Grandfather Fire. As he gets closer he can make out forms, figures of Light, but similar to shadows. Light Shadows. He knows these to be the Elders, the Dream Makers. These are the Ones he has come to be received by. Kneeling before Grandfather Fire, the Shaman of Light asks permission of Grandfather to cleanse and bless himself with the coals of the fire. When permission is asked, permission is granted. The Shaman of Light reaches his hands of shimmering light into the coals and withdraws a double handful. Placing his hands at the top of his own head, he draws the coals down across his body, bringing his Soul into resonant harmony. There is neither pretense of hierarchy nor an expectation of fear. The Elders are harmony and balance expressed; they are the Principles of Life, the Makers of Dreams.

The Elders await the offerings the Shaman of Light has brought them. He opens the bag and lays out before Grandfather Fire the icons, figurines, and talismans that embody the prayerful Dreams of his People. Each one the Shaman of Light lovingly picks up and respectfully announces the nature of the Dream of each person who had placed this trust into his care.



Contributions for your participation are on a sliding scale. Be honest and fair in the assessment of your capacity to contribute. Thank you!

Sliding Scale: $77 – $222

To Participate:

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