The Tracker: Requests

Requesting the Services of The Tracker

First, please read what it is that The Tracker does: Article – The Tracker

The Tracker’s quest is to find where a person’s Ghost of their Soul has left the trail of their Spirit’s Path, then guide the Ghost back home.

The Tracker’s quest is not to find lost objects, people, or fortunes. Those are the job of a Dowser.

The things The Tracker will find are a Soul’s Integrity, Peace of Mind, Well Being, Ability to Love, Spiritual Prosperity, Positive Outlook, Commitment, Sincerity, Dedication, and such.

It is the return of this Ghost that The Tracker brings home to the person requesting the service. A person may have more than one Ghost lost along the divergent paths of their life. Please consider and choose well. The retrieval of one Ghost, per request, is all that can be accommodated. When a person’s Ghost is retrieved and integrated, the person will experience a re-embodiment of the attributes of the Ghost. Most often this experience is potent and immediate, though for some it might be more subtle and sublime.

Each request may take up to three nights of Tracking to locate the Ghost, return it to the moment of its separation from the person, then moving it forward along the Timeline to integrate fully in the present moment. Did I mention that Tracking requires movement through Time? No? Well, now I have.


To request the services of The Tracker

  1.  Fill out and submit a Registration Form
  2.  State which Ghost is lost, ie, what is the aspect of your life that is missing, that you yearn for, that you once, perhaps, had, but cannot seem to access anymore.
  3. If there is a situation in your life that you can identify as when you lost this Ghost, let me know, as well as the closest date of its loss, if you can remember. Please, no life stories, explanations, reasons, causes, etc. I am not a therapist.
  4. Make a payment via PayPal of $222 US immediately upon submission of your request.

Once I have received both your Registration and Payment, I will go forth as The Tracker to find, retrieve, bring into present time, and integrate your Ghost back into your Soul. This typically takes three nights to accomplish. When the work is complete I will email you with a description of where your Ghost was found and any other relevant info or insight regarding its state and condition, and any follow-through suggestions to assist you in fully embracing your Ghost back into your Life.