Training, Healing, Mentoring

Training, Healing, Mentoring

Costa Rica

October – November – December, 2021

Other worlds around us David KnightI am spending the time of between now and December 21 in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, a small town set amidst the coastal paradise of the Caribbean. It is a world apart. 10 kilometers down the road is the proverbial End of the Road…nothing beyond it but jungle, sea coast and out there somewhere, Panama. There are no McDonald’s burgers, no Howard Johnson Inns. Only will you find local businesses – restaurants, hotels, beach shops – owned and operated by local Indigenous BriBri, Afro-Caribbeans, Ticos and international expats. Lush tropical flowers, fruits and wildlife intermingle with the human community. Music in the air at night. While Spanish is the official language, English is the language of Travelers, and you will get by fine with it. Mangoes are $1.50… a kilo! That is about 5 mangoes. Pineapples can be had for a dollar apiece. A full fresh locally-caught fish dinner, under $20. Lodging…don’t worry about it, I will put you up. or I will help you arrange for your own lodging at local hotels You just get here. Bring your bathing suit and flip flops. The temperature is 68ºF at night, 82ºF during the day. In the winter. And the Caribbean Sea, always just a short walk, is 80ºF and fine swimming along beautiful beaches that stretch for miles, where no one will ever say “Get off my beach!” Yeah, This winter.



Select any consecutive three day, or longer, period.

Each three-day period is $1,111. Each day beyond the initial three days is an additional $333.

Lodging at my home is available if you choose, no fee. To insure the greatest focus and personalized attention, it will be only the two of us: You and I.


For those who wish to learn the principles and techniques that form the foundation of Shamanic practices – and go on to apply these in service to your own spiritual path or in your healing work with clients – a short but intensive period of training in a specific method will impart what the earnest and dedicated person requires.


Shamanic healing is all about aiding and  assisting you, the client, to come into a greater alignment with your own autonomous Spirit’s Purpose.  We are each born in that alignment. Through the course of life, our choices, for good or ill, cultural conditioning, trauma, abuse, misinformation, etc, we diverge from our authentic Spirit’s Path. it is in thast gap between how we are living our life and our original Spirit’s Path that disease, dysfunction, and debilitation arises. By assisting you to re-engage your own authentic Spirit’s purpose, path, truth, and calling, that gap is narrowed. The result is there is less of a field of opportunity for disease and dysfunction to play out. In a word, Healing occurs.


Mentoring is intended for those individuals who have already established their own deep spiritual practice (it doesn’t have to be Shamanic) and are looking for guidance and insight from a respected Elder as to how to proceed, keep their practice vital, or bridge the gaps that have shown themselves over time.


Contact Me to

  1. Discuss which of these options may best meet your Intention.
  2. Find out what dates are available for you to visit.
  3. Have me send you an email containing necessary travel info, tips on what to prepare for and what to bring.
  4. Dates are confirmed only upon receipt of payment via PayPal. I apologize, I cannot ‘hold’ dates.


I strongly encourage you to plan a stay of longer than the three days so that we can go about together to enjoy the beauty and wonders of the local Caribbean coast and culture! I will assist you in booking a local hotel room for any days before or after the scheduled days of our working together.

Choose your dates (3 day minimum) from the available days between October 20 to December 21