Venus/Moon Activations: Celestial Empowerments Request

Celestial Empowerments

December 22, 2014 – July 18, 2015

As the Evening Star, Venus meets with the waxing Crescent Moon each month for the next 8 months. With each meeting of Venus and the Crescent Moon in the western sky a significant activation of a specific archetypal essence of our Soul occurs. Each meeting activates a new and unique awakening within us each.

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Registrations are being accepted for participation in the Celestial Empowerments for all the Venus/Moon conjunctions of this cycle of December 22, 2014 – July 18, 2015. Even if you register after some of these alignments have passed, I will still be able to call forth the unique activations of your Soul at any time during the presence of Venus as the Evening Star. All Activations/Empowerments are done remotely. You need not be present to receive this work on your behalf.

Here is what is offered:

  • At the time of each Venus/Moon conjunction I will send you the story line that is being activated.

  • Included will be an additional storyline specific to you, relevant to your Venus position in your natal astrological chart.

  • Suggestions as to how you can best participate in the alignment/activation/empowerment.


If all 8 Empowerments are paid up front.


If paid monthly

However… I am not accepting registrations for a pick-as-you-choose participation.

Participation in all 8 Activations is required!



Pay via PayPal or Dwolla on my

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