Winter Solstice Star Journey



DATE: December 21, 2016 – January 3, 2017

TIME: Over the course of 13 nights

LOCATION: From Earth to the North Star and Back

FEE: $111

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Star Symbols

There is a very common motif in Shamanic practices surrounding the Winter Solstice ceremonies. The people present their  Shaman with gifts of value, according to the nature of each their own culture, to officiate the request; be it food, furs or firewood, coin, caregiving or copper. A Sacred Tree, or Pole of Ascension, the Axis Mundi, is erected in the center of the Shaman’s house or in the common house. This officiated the Shaman being called upon by the people to undergo a Shaman’s Little-Death. In this Little-Death the Shaman moves into a near-death state, enabling the Shaman’s Spirit to go free of the body and then to travel into the realms and domains accessible to one in that state. The Shaman enters into a deep trance that allows his/her spirit to fly free. Shamanic drumming is a powerful method of achieving a state of altered consciousness that allows the Shaman to ascend in spiritual ecstasy, or Spirit Flight. The Shaman is then able to follow the Spirit Path, represented by the Sacred Tree, that guides him/her to the North Star and from there into the Cosmic Realms. An integral part of the Shaman’s Star Journey is the bringing back of a symbol, a gift of your own Spirit. Inherent within each symbol is a gift and a blessing, something of value for your Spirit’s sojourn during the coming year.

Here is an example of a Winter Solstice Star Symbol from a previous Star Journey:


Manifest Desire

When balance, however we may experience it – the green of the Earth, the four directions, the center of the galaxy and all that emanates from it, the progression of  the manifest as 1) Life Force; 2) Energy; 3) Power; 4) Matter –  becomes the foundation of our life, our Heart’s Desire is immediately made manifest.

In the manner described in the email/post Winter Solstice: A Time of the Shaman’s Gift Bringing, I will be journeying up the Sacred Tree, carrying your wounds and sufferings into the Eagle’s Heart of Purification. I will then journey on your behalf to the North Star to receive the gift that awaits you.

Each person who requests this will receive their own particular blessing during this ceremony. You need not be awake nor physically present for this. This ceremony will be done by me from my home. All that is required of you is to email me the following:

1. Your Name (first and last)

2. Male or Female

3. A list of up to three sufferings (grudges, debts owed you, emotional wounds, etc) you are choosing to release. Please, no stories of explanation.

4. PayPal payment of $111 per person.

I will then email you back, within several days of the ceremony, the recounting of the journey I went upon – to the North Star  – and the nature of the gift-as-symbol received on your behalf.

Contact Jade to request your participation

Requests may be made up until Noon PST of January 3, 2017.


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