WINTER SOLSTICE: The Emergence of the Divine Masculine

The Emergence of the Divine Masculine
The Sun has reached his most southward point upon his yearly journey. He is stationed there for three full days. Then, on December 25th, the Sun begins his trek along the horizon, rising a bit more to the north each and every day until he reaches his most northern station at the Summer Solstice when the cycle rolls through again. That is what we observe, from here on the Earth. This cycle is so predominant that it makes up a core feature of our Inner Landscape, resounding through our mythologies.
A reminder of the mythic imprint of this dance of the Earth and Sun may be in order. We all tend to perceive the Earth as the embodiment of the Divine Feminine, and the Sun as the presence of the Divine Masculine. We are a composition of vital life-force contained with this body. Imagine that this highly charged system of vital force is a bell. Now consider that the Earth and the Sun are the bell-ringers. When they ping our vital force field we are set to resonating. When the Earth pings us, we resonate with an expression and experience of the Divine Feminine. When the Sun pings our bell we ring with the exalted experience of the Divine Masculine.
For the past six months, our bell has been resounding with the primary feelings of the feminine. The exalted state of the Divine Feminine is reached at the time of the Winter Solstice. That is, during these three days of the Winter Solstice we are immersed in the deepest aspects of the feminine. We dive within, into our feelings, our intuitions, and our greatest accumulation of vital force (think of a tree’s sap having settled into the roots of the tree).
At the moment when the Sun moves out of the three day long deepest embrace of the Divine Feminine and begins his journey northward, the days grow incrementally longer each and every day. It is at that precise moment (commonly recognized as being December 25th) that the Divine Masculine emerges in his journey towards his greatest effulgence at the Summer Solstice.
With this understanding of the dynamics involved, what I want to emphasize here is that the Winter Solstice, while being the culmination of the Divine Feminine’s presence, it is also the moment of her greatest surrender to the Divine Masculine. The significance of the Winter Solstice is the reemergence of the Divine Masculine. It is a time of celebration of both coming out of darkness and a joyous celebration of the Masculine: Knowledge, renewal, and spiritual awakening. It is the moment when the awareness that no matter how long, cold, and dark the night has been, warmth, light, and new life is most assuredly not merely promised, but occurring. It is the exaltation of Trust.
So, at this Winter’s Solstice, when you greet the Sun in the morning and acknowledge the return of the Light, it is at this moment when you have the opportunity to embrace and awaken within your Soul – damaged by the destructiveness of the patriarchy – the Divine Masculine’s primary quality, that of Trust. Trust in the masculine, trust in the cycles of life, trust in the sacred dance of Earth and Sun.